I have a confession to make...I used to truly not like yoga. Raised under a rigid communist regime, that mentality carried into my practice. I pushed and forced myself into poses, never quite getting the lightness and joy some of my peers spoke about. It wasn't until I was faced with a personal health crisis that I gave it another shot from a fresh perspective.

Motivated to heal, I explored numerous eastern & western modalities, ultimately coming to the realization that if there was anyone who was going to become an expert on me, it was me. And so, I took charge of my own health and stopped looking for answers on the outside. With the guidance of my teachers, I learned to explore how I feel, allowing that principle to bring my life and health back into alignment.

My journey to wellness inspired me to guide and empower you toward your best, most electric life ever, one breath at a time. I studied yoga, nutrition & Thai massage in Bali with Dashama Konah Gordon and ultimately received a second yoga certification in NYC with Tara Stiles & Mike Taylor. Forever a student, I continue to explore what's at the forefront of nutrition and movement philosophy. I incorporate my knowledge and expertise, with what you and your body cues tell me, to give you the tools you need to lead a highly capable, vibrant everyday.   View Classes and Connect.


"Persiana's yoga classes are unique and filled with grace. She integrates her personality seamlessly, guiding you from stiff body and distracted mind to open, fluid and relaxed.” Dashama Konah Gordon

“From the moment Persiana steps onto her mat, I immediately want to stand taller and stronger. Her presence throughout her class is regal and fluid. I become a dancer in Persiana's class as she rhythmically moves us so effortlessly from one asana to the next. I feel alive, and rejuvenated and indeed relaxed by the time her soothing Savasana even begins.”  Tara Joy

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