Bring your life into balance and improve your overall wellbeing. Together, we will articulate your needs and goals, and tackle anything that is weighing you down. We will come up with an easygoing, sustainable plan toward your most capable self.  With the belief that every body is different and, as such, there cannot be a one size fits all approach, I combine vinyasa, meditation and core functional training with nutrition counseling and thai massage, to help you get into you with fluidity and ease. 


Available weekly or biweekly through private home sessions. Tone up without the bulk, strengthen your core and your mind. Be prepared to sweat, smile, and let it all go on the mat.  

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Great as an add-on after your yoga class or on its own. A wonderfully luxurious way to reduce stress, improve circulation and relax muscles. 

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Revamp your nutrition with  a customized nutrition program based on what works for your individual body. I offer meal planning, a cleansing program and nutrition education.

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Transform your workplace into a vibrant, active environment. By offering a wellness program to your employees, you will reduce healthcare cost, improve recruitment and employee retention. We will work together to identify your company’s fitness objectives and create a program that boosts your employees health, as well as your ROI.

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