Rich in omega-3s, fiber, antioxidants and minerals, chia seeds make for a smart addition to your diet. Here is a guide on how to make chia pudding or porridge in just a few steps.  


2 1/2 cups Almond, Coconut or Cashew Milk 

  • 1/2 cup chia seeds 
  • 2tbsp of sweetener such as agave or honey if you like yours sweet 


You can add as many or as few of these ingredients as you like for a nutrient packed breakfast porridge or you can make a plain pudding using only the base and adding jam on top. Just have fun experimenting! 

  • 1tbs Bee Pollen, Hemp Seeds, Ground Flaxseeds, Maca Powder, Raw Cacao 
  • a handful of any kind of nuts or dried fruit you like 
  • any type fresh fruit cut up in small pieces 
  • fruit juice or fresh ginger juice 
  • 2tbs almond butter or chocolate hazelnut butter for that chocolaty taste 
  • a touch of lemon zest or cinnamon or even cayenne pepper 


Mix all ingredients you have chosen in a large bowl, mixing every 5 minutes till the consistency gets a little thicker. Pour into individual sized bowls and refrigerate overnight.