Available weekly or biweekly through private home sessions. Tone up without the bulk, strengthen your core and your mind. Investing in a series of private classes allows you to focus on your alignment and your goals. My style is fun, introspective yet lighthearted. Be prepared to sweat, smile, and let it all go on the mat.  With someone on your team, a vibrant mind and highly capable body will be your reality in no time. 


I really enjoy partnering with corporate clients in transforming their workplace into a vibrant, fun and active environment. By offering a wellness program to your employees, you will reduce healthcare cost, improve recruitment and employee retention. Together, we will identify your company’s fitness objectives and create a program that boosts your employees health, as well as your ROI.

Pranayama Workshops

The very reason for the name of this website! Breath work is a powerful tool that helps clear physical and emotional blockages within the body. Regular practice will leave you feeling invigorated, centered and strong. Expect better sleep and overall wellbeing. I offer one on one tutorials and workshops to help get you started on this powerful journey toward making every breath electric.